Our teams are coded for quality.
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A modern enterprise today equals IT support

In times of „rushing” technology, which plays a key role in business, it is essential to secure IT systems, optimize operations and effectively manage data, among other things. The needs are growing, and there is less and less time to implement new solutions and thus keep up with the competition. An effective solution is to outsource IT teams.

Our teams are coded for quality. We will also introduce it for your audience.

By working with us you still have full control over your project. We provide you with tools to monitor the work of the team at any time. We focus on clear rules and two-way, honest dialogue to effectively achieve realistic goals.

Nothing can replace the sense of security of a project and its consistent implementation on time. We will share our experience with you, so that step by step together you will get closer to success.

Dozens of clients have made us realize that each company has its own unique needs. Our outsourcing teams work to adapt to the client’s requirements, constantly focusing on maximum quality of work. Whether you need technical support, optimization of your IT infrastructure or implementation of innovative solutions – we can help you.

Profit from outsourcing your IT resources.

Pay for the effect, not the vision!

Minimalize costs.

Reduce project execution time.

Have full control over every element and stage of the project (costs, time worked by specialists, percentage of tasks completed, etc.).

Don’t bear the risk of recruiting employees and the long process of implementing and teaching them.

We will accurately match specialists to your project and the specific of operation, without the prospect of later changes in the team.

Specify the duration of the project and the deadline.

Access technology experts with their unique competencies and experience.

Reduce formalities to a minimum – our team of specialists can start work in no time.

If you are dissatisfied with the cooperation, simply resign from it. No translations or commitments.

Take advantage of our offer and achieve a higher technological quality of business.

Complete IT project teams
In a short period of time, we will create a tailored development team for you and your project. It will be headed by an experienced technical leader and a project manager, who will be committed to overseeing the progress of the work. We will also take care of matching specialists with the right competencies to the specifics and requirements of your project, ensuring comprehensive implementation of the.

Outsorcing of individual IT employees
Does your project need casual support from one or more specialists? From among our experts, we will select those who best fit your requirements in terms of skills, experience and fit with your work culture. Ultimately, we will decide together who will support your project.

Programming (Back-end and Front-end)
Modern call center software? Responsive website? Functional extensions to ERP, CRM, Workflow or other domain systems? Whatever the goal of your project, we will support you and together we will achieve success.

Low-code / no-code
These solutions are gaining popularity, making programming activities much faster and simpler. All thanks to low-code platforms. Accelerated development, greater flexibility, simpler adaptations. By opting for this option, you can co-create your technology project together with us in a broader way.

We will share our experience with you. We offer professional consulting in such areas as software development, application development, implementation of various systems, or testing. We want you to gain a competitive advantage and successfully implement even complex projects. We will analyze your business processes and recommend the most effective solutions. We will support the design of systems and IT applications. We will suggest how to carry out a comprehensive digital transformation.

Our specialists, whom you can recruit for your business, have co-created solutions with a world-class innovation.

Emotica AI – an advanced contact center system, in which we add to the „dry data” the customer’s emotions accompanying him at each stage of the service process. In this solution, we build behavioral profiles of both sides of the contact to best match the consultant to the type of customer. The solution will premiere in the fall of 2023.

Parrot AI – an intelligent physician assistant that processes the speech of the specialist and his patient. The solution will contribute to the improvement of medical visits – among other things, it will shorten their time and improve the standard, efficiency and quality of contact with the patient.

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